About Irene Reece 

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, lives and works between the United States and Europe.

She graduated with her B.F.A (2018) in Photography and Digital Media at the University of Houston and currently M.F.A (2020) candidate at Paris College of Art in Photography and Image-making. She exhibited a solo exhibition in 2017 at Lawndale Art Center in Houston, TX; in collective 2018 at Le Bateau-Lavoir in Paris France. She’s preparing a new work for a collective exhibition in 2019-2020 in Paris and Utrecht.

Her array of photographic works, appropriated films, usage of text, and found objects create an insight towards issues that revolve around racial identity, african diaspora, social injustice, family histories, mental and community health issues. She identifies as a contemporary artist and visual activist. Her recent work questions societies perspectives on her racial identities and combats the social norms in regards to being a Black Mexican woman living in the United States and Europe. Her work pushes boundaries and forces her viewers to confront issues that are deemed difficult to tackle.