Acte de Naissance


A medium of photographic images, portraying a series of the artist’s, racial identity and social relation with others; As a bi-racial child, growing up was very difficult balancing both races, cultures, and traditions. I’ve always had an unbalance with my races and dealt with a deep depression of racial identity.


I remembered as a child people would ask my father for proof if he was our actual father, since we were “light-skinned” my mother’s skin. There were times in school that children and my classmates would tell me that I was nothing. I couldn’t be “black” because I wasn’t dark enough. I couldn’t be “Mexican” because I didn’t speak Spanish and my hair was not straight. The childhood moment that will always stick to me for the rest of my life, is when I got dentition for the first time. My teacher made me choose only one race to put down for my standardize testing. At the time in the 90’s the race that were listed were Caucasian/European, African-American, Asian and Hispanic. My teacher went around the room to see if everyone filled out the test correctly. She noticed that I filled in African-American and Hispanic, she told me I could only fill out one of the option. Me, a nine-year old girl confused and conflicted told my teacher I AM AFRICAN-MEXICAN AMERICAN so it isn’t wrong. She knew I was bi-racial and still made me put down my father's race was. I cried in front of everyone in the class and she wrote me up for disobeying/ not following directions. Till this day I still mark both races down. It’s 2015 the racial option they have now are other and some multiple races.  The terrors of not being accepted by both made me an introvert and unknown / un-compatible. As you look through the images you will see each image is connected. In this piece I’m presenting how I view myself and how I label the “others”. I want people to understand how race and my social life are two different things. I have no desire to be friends with someone just because of their social status, race, religion or political views. I want to be viewed/ liked for my personality to be judge just as a human being. Not because I’m an artist, student, BLACK, MEXICAN, or the slang term “MUTT and mixed.”

I guess you can see why most of my titles are in Latin, French, Spanish and Italian. Since I don’t feel like I don’t belong in either one of my ethnicities I try to make my own. My family has always surrounded me in art, mostly European so naturally I’m fascinated with Europe. My mentors mostly French and African, I’ve created my own art out of my mentor’s cultures.  This series represents me, who I’ve become as a person & artist; I’m African-Mexican American whom was influence by European artwork and cultures. I based my work off of my personal experience in like and portray them in paintings, film, photographs and sculptures.