My Brother : 2015 - present

Irene Reece’s brother, Froncell Juan Reece is a 27-year-old man that has since been diagnosed with autism, cerebral palsy and echolalia from birth. Froncell has a constant routine that he follows every day. Reece and her sister, Froncell’s twin, are a part of that routine. Growing up, Reece understood her brother’s mind to be pure and innocent, unaware of the daily happenings of today’s world. He knows he’s different due to the fact his family can never fully understand what he’s trying to convey. Mon Frère is a continuing array of photographs, video art and an installation about how Froncell deals with his disabilities. Reece's photographs have separation; half conveys how the world sees her brother and how she believes he perceives the world. The bigger issue addressed within these works, concerns other people that have children and grown adults with special needs, and the challenge they inevitably face of who will take care of their children when they are no longer here.