There Were Always People Like

There Were Always People Like Me, a series based on black culture which is broken down into layers. From displaying black beauty, black pride, to the blackity-black-black. The artist usage of text with aesthetics related to 50’s/ 60’s advertisement, objects relating to black culture, hair, to showcasing a celebration of her community. The variety of work pertains to one's own identity of being Black. The appearance, image of a Black person has either been displayed in a negative light or fetization of Black culture. Reece is wanting to get rid of this ideology that Eurocentric features is the only norms for beauty, intelligence, class and superiority. By incorporating text, appropriated films, statistics of discrimination and racism due to not having Eurocentric features versus those who do. It addresses the deep-rooted trauma at hand, from a historical context incorporating found footage and archival images to display the black presence from the past. This creates a narrative and pushes the viewers out of the white gaze/black stereotypical narrative that has been ingrained in society. Reece express a repetitiveness that perceives a feeling of being brainwashed but the repetitive text and audio was made as a reminder to her community that lost his/her/their way. To bring them back to Black reality. Societes social norms, white culture has been infused into black culture. This issue is brought up in her work, how demonizing and perpetuating self-hate due to the white gaze perception of black people. Reece only wants to showcase her own gaze, a perception that is true to her.

Hair and skin plays a key factor in this body of work due to identity of a black person worth. This term, I use a lot, in my daily life, and it’s incorporated towards my work. The word, Black double-consciousness, being aware to appease white society while also not losing your identity as a Black person. Juggling these two roles is a hard task in of itself. There is nothing wrong making art that comes from and is for black people. I notice the ones that home an issue with work like this are the same ones that have benefit off of my oppression for years. You guys have had hundreds of years of your work buy the greatest put on this high pedestal like your image, like people. We are put on a pedestal like your image, like your people. We are put on a pedestal now and I will be lifting them up high can’t nobody tell us nothing.