The organization is named after my grandfather Froncell Reece and my older brother Froncell Juan Reece. The purpose of this organization is to help families that can’t afford to receive physical therapy, speech therapy and learn other life skills. Instead of just having them in a class room all day being babysat, we should let them experience the real world. That includes going to the grocery store, learning how to do chores, and other social events.  The Froncell Project will be presenting a GOFUND ME Account to start raising money for the foundation documentary film. The Project was to first create a film so that it can be broadcast throughout the United States and then afterwards start a foundation for the special needs community. 


                               STORY ONE: IRENE & FRONCELL

I’m young college student that has been raising my brother that has special needs and will continue. At the age 4 I started to understand that my brother needed my parents help more than me and my sister. And I was ok, with that. A few years later I started helping my brother. From tying his shoes to teaching him how to write his name. There were days where I felt over-whelmed or conquered with emotions about taking care of my brother. It’s hard for a teenager to help bath their brother. I felt uncomfortable at times but he needed help. Most of the time it’s communication. Froncell has serve autism and gets so frustrated with me. I try my best to understand what he’s trying to say, but he observes and he knows I’m unable to understand. None of the less I love Froncell with every breath I have. I was never ashamed of him, or felt the need to inform people that he has delays. To me he’s a person, and my brother. 




If you have story you would like to share with us please feel free to fill out our paper work. Publishing take 1-3 days. We want everyone to see your stories about your loved ones. 

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